Charles and Florence Mugisha

Charles & Florence Mugisha

Rwanda | President | Africa New Life Ministries


Charles graduated with a master’s degree from Multnomah University and Doctorate from Gordon Cornwell Seminary. Charles founded Africa New Life Ministries in 2001 while studying. Today, Africa New Life Ministries supports over 10,000 children in Rwanda, providing them with access to education and vocational skills training for vulnerable women and youth. They have also planted several churches and flagship schools of excellence across Rwanda, and recently opened a state of the art hospital to service the community.

In 2007, Charles founded Kigali Dream Center, Africa New Life’s national headquarters, which is also the home of New Life Bible Church where Charles is the senior Pastor. Kigali Dream Center is also the home to New Life Family Center and The Mercy Network which teaches churches how to serve God with “two hands”: preaching the gospel and acts of compassion. This is at the heart of Africa New Life’s mission.

In the spring of 2013, Africa New Life launched Africa College of Theology (ACT) to train pastors and Christian leaders in East and Central Africa, a dream that Charles had prayed and waited for over 10 years to become a reality. ACT has become a premier college serving the church in Rwanda and beyond.

In November 2018, Africa New Life designed, constructed, and launched the Dream Medical Center Hospital in the city of Kigali. The mission of the hospital is to create a sustainable health care model of compassionate excellence where patients are served through their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Charles is married Florence and together, he and Florence are raising their five children.