On the Rock

2024 Summer Series

Our world is currently marked by political division, economic uncertainty, and social tension, not to mention our own personal challenges, leaving many feeling overwhelmed. While some around us have given in to hopelessness and panic, as believers we can have an unwavering hope rooted in Christ. Join us as we explore what it means to have our foundation on the rock as we follow the way of Jesus. On this page you will find general resources for this series as well as specific resources for the different topics we'll cover. We will also provide a passage guide each week and invite you to join us as we learn how to have hope, stand firm, and follow Jesus.


These sermon passage-based guides will be available each Friday preceding the Sunday sermon. We invite you to download these and use them to dive deeper into each passage either on your own or with a group!

August 4 | Passage Guide

August 11 | Passage Guide

August 18 | Passage Guide

Standing firm. Following Jesus.


Below are a few resources our staff has compiled that may be beneficial as we journey through this series.


These books have been recommended by our staff and are available on Amazon. Click on the cards to learn about each book.

"Be Mature"

by Warren Wiersbe

This practical book provides advice on overcoming temptation, controlling the tongue, effective prayer, and practicing what the Bible teaches.

Find on Amazon"Be Mature"

"Cultural Intelligence"

by Darrell Bock

This book builds a theology of cultural engagement & equips readers to relate well to their culture with an eye on the example of Paul in the New Testament.

Find on Amazon"Cultural Intelligence"

"Desiring God"

by John Piper

Constantly drawing on Scripture to build his case, Piper shows why pursuing maximum joy is essential to glorifying God in this paradigm-shattering book.

Find on Amazon"Desiring God"

"Disappointment with God"

by Philip Yancey

Is God unfair? Is he silent? Is he hidden? This insightful book points to the odd disparity between our concept of God and the realities of life.

Find on Amazon"Disappointment with God"

"Life without Lack"

by Dallas Willard

Based on a series of talks by the late author, this book will forever change the way you experience the most well-known passage (Ps. 23) in all of Scripture.

Find on Amazon"Life Without Lack"

"Practicing the Way"

by John Mark Comer

This introduction to spiritual formation invites us to rearrange our days, and follow the Way of Jesus. We can be with him. Become like him. And do as he did.

Find on Amazon"Practicing the Way"

"Praying like monks, living like fools"

by Tyler Staton

Prayer is the source of Jesus's most astonishing miracles and the subject of Jesus's most audacious promises...this book invites you to find the power and gift of prayer.

Find on Amazon"Praying Like Monks, Living Like Fools"

"Rest and War"

by Ben Stuart

With ancient methods of transformation transposed into a modern key, this book offers biblical & practical guidance to living the Christan life well.

Find on Amazon"Rest and War"

"Studies in the sermon on the mount"

by Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones

A spiritual classic, this comprehensive study by explains Christ's teaching in the Sermon on the Mount & incisively applies it to the Christian life.

Find on Amazon"Studies in the Sermon on the Mount"

"Victory Over Life's Challenges"

by Charles Stanley

This inspirational book brings together three of Stanley's bestselling works that guide Christians through life's troubling times as they look to God.

Find on Amazon"Victory Over Life's Challenges"

"The Weight of Glory"

by C.S. Lewis

This is a collection of nine sermons delivered by Lewis during World War II as he explores the concept of glory and how it relates to our spiritual journey.

Find on Amazon"The Weight of Glory"


Miss a sermon in the series? Don't worry! Each Monday we will have the previous Sunday sermon available here and in our mobile app with video and audio links.