Redeemed & Restored

To all who mourn in Israel, he will give beauty for ashes, joy instead of mourning, praise instead of despair. For the Lord has planted them like strong and graceful oaks for His own glory.

isaiah 61:3

Do you tend to think of your life in terms of before and after the abortion?

Do you find yourself wondering what your life would have been like had your child lived?

Is your abortion a secret that is holding you back from greater intimacy with God and others?

Have you felt a vague sort of emptiness, a deep sense of loss, or had prolonged periods of depression?

When you see children that are the age your child would have been, do you become emotional?

Are there traits about yourself which seem lost that you would like to regain?

On the anniversary date of the abortion or due date of the child, do you feel anxious, scared, or fearful?

Do you feel uncomfortable around reminders of the abortion, such as being around babies or pregnant women?

Are you afraid of God? Are you angry at God? Have you rejected Him?

For most women, abortion is a closely held secret. It is rarely talked about with family or friends and many women are fearful they will be judged if someone finds out they made an abortion choice. There is good news: God can heal your pain and bring new joy to your heart. This confidential group seeks to help participants heal and discover the forgiveness God offers freely. Our group is a safe place to share your fears, anger, pain, or shame as you work through the heartache of your abortion.

These 12-week groups are held once in the fall and once in the spring. All inquiries are confidential.

Below are a few of the common emotions you may have due to the post-abortion trauma you have experienced. If any of these things resonate with you, we invite you to join us for this safe, and life-changing confidential study.

  • Depression (intense grief or sadness/mental breakdowns/suicidal thoughts)
  • Eating disorders
  • Guilt/anxiety/anger/rage/betrayal
  • Lowered self-esteem
  • Troubled and/or broken relationships
  • Nightmares and sleep disturbances
  • Bitterness
  • Emotional Numbness
  • Shame and fear of others finding out
  • Feelings of helplessness or isolation
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Flashbacks
  • Anxiety or panic attacks
  • Inability to forgive yourself or others
  • Preoccupation with becoming pregnant again or fear of future pregnancies