Real Life

Couples (40s – 50s) | 410: 104 Ivywood | 11 am | Meeting weekly starting January 10 Seeking to foster an authentic living community with relationships grounded in prayer, worship, & service.  We are focused on applying the Bible to problems we face in day-to-day real-life situations and fostering an authentic community grounded in prayer, worship, and service. Contact the Real Life Class


Adults of All Ages | 410: Fellowship Hall | 11 am Genesis is a family that desires to know the Lord as He is revealed in His Word and in His creation.  We study God’s Word from creation to the new creation, emphasizing God’s work throughout history and in our lives to accomplish His purposes. Contact the Genesis Class


Adults of All Ages | Room 300 | 11 am Practical Bible teaching and class discussion pointing to maturity in daily Christian walk with a dynamic atmosphere of fellowship, worship, prayer, and outreach.  Contact the Koinonia Class