Internal Communication Requests

Please use these forms to request database group access and/or promotional items for an upcoming ministry event.

Remember, requests for F1 permissions should be submitted at least 2 days before you need access. 
Any promo requests should be submitted 3 weeks before the start of promotion. 

F1 Group Permission Request Form

Promo request form

  • If a recurring event, include details here.
  • Include information about childcare, cost, deadlines, etc.
  • This form must be submitted at least TWO weeks before the start of promotion (including promotion via ministry email blast). Most promotion should start 4 - 6 weeks before the event. If it is a multi-day event, promotion can start as early as 8 weeks before the event. Event exposure will be prioritized based on event category.
  • If your ministry has specific request for what you would like included in the graphic/image, please note that here.
  • Describe any special requests (handouts, banners, etc.) and why your ministry feels they are needed. Please note that these additional materials are not guaranteed and are only available under special circumstances for high-impact/high-reach events. Special requests must be made a minimum of THREE weeks before promotion starts.