Faithful: The Life of Abraham

We are excited to journey through Abraham's life story and consider what it means to live a life of faith! On this page you will find general resources for this study, weekly passage guides to help you dive deeper into God's word, and our sermon archive for the series.  


These sermon passage-based guides will be available each Friday preceding the Sunday sermon. We invite you to download these and use them to dive deeper into each passage either on your own or with a group!


Below are a few general resources our staff has compiled that may help you dive deeper into the truths we are studying in Genesis during our journey through Abraham's life. 

The real-life story of Abraham as told by Chuck Swindoll. In this biography, we encounter false gods, self-seeking glory, and the faith of a man named Abraham through whom God would bless the nations.

This animated video tells the story of the start of God's work to rescue and bless his rebellious world by providing an overview of the second half of the book of Genesis, and by outlining how God moved towards redemption through choosing to bless a man named Abram.


Miss a sermon in the series? Don't worry! Each Monday we will have the previous Sunday sermon available here and in our mobile app with video and audio links.