Paul and Alla Mitskevich

Paul and Alla Mitskevich

Germany | Discipleship & Evangelism | Greater Europe Mission

Paul and Alla are ministering in Germany by serving the Russian speakers in Europe, which have grown in millions due to the war in Ukraine. Their passion is to serve Christ in at least the three areas of ministries listed below.

Discipleship and Evangelism
Our passion is to help people grow and strengthen their faith, as well as for those who do not believe to come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Giftedness Coaching and Training
Paul was blessed to intern at the Hendricks Center at DTS. Paul will be a certified coach and trainer to take people through Bill Hendricks’ Giftedness program to discover what they were born to do. This is a great tool that helps to evangelize people by pointing them to the Creator, who has uniquely designed each and every one.

Leadership Development and Training
Paul will use GEM leadership resources to develop and train new leaders in Russian-speaking churches.

Paul & Alla were both born on the outskirts of the USSR in Moscow, Russia during the perestroika time. Both of us grew up in Christian homes and Paul is a part of a family heritage of ministers in the sixth generation, with his great-grandfather spending time in prison for his faith during the Stalin period of the USSR.

Paul accepted Christ in his teenage years and Alla a bit earlier. Paul got a degree in Business Management and worked for several years in the aviation business buying airplanes for his company. Alla became an attorney and worked in Moscow as well. In 2009 we got married as we were finishing up college and starting our business careers.

From our youth we have both been always heavily involved in all sorts of ministries, starting from teaching kids Sunday school, singing in a choir, and ending up ordained as a deacon and preaching sermons and leading worship services. Our main passion during our years of ministry as a family from 2009-2017 was an outreach English ministry in Moscow, where we discipled native English-speaking people that needed spiritual growth and at the same time, we evangelized those that would come to learn English. Seeing people come to know the Lord was the most magnificent thing we experienced in our lives.

After leading a ministry for more than 8.5 years, Paul felt the call to full-time ministry and the need for Theological training. God has provided the opportunity to graduate with a Master of Theology (ThM) from Dallas Theological Seminary.

God blessed us with four children, three girls Ruth (2011), Anna (2016), Evangelina (2018), and a son Michael (2021), which are probably our greatest accomplishments in life.