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Africa New Life Ministries
Africa New Life exists to transform lives and communities through Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Acts of Compassion.
Since 2001, Africa New Life has shared the Gospel using two hands: the hand of compassion and the hand of evangelism. Our goal is to see lives transformed through meeting basic needs, to give hope for the future for those living in poverty in Rwanda, and to share the freedom and hope found in Christ. At the heart of our model for breaking cycles of poverty is educational sponsorship. With a high school education, or a vocational equivalent, children in Rwanda have hope for the future.


Africa Renewal Ministries
Where HOPE comes to life…Renewing Africa through the gospel of Jesus Christ and the local church by embracing children, equipping leaders, and empowering communities. At Africa Renewal, children are a core part of their mission. The children in Uganda today will be the next generation of leaders, and they also make up some of the most vulnerable members of our communities. Through many development programs and sponsorship opportunities, Africa Renewal is able to meet the needs of vulnerable children who would otherwise not have access to education and healthcare. There are many communities in Uganda that have critical, unmet needs. Africa Renewal has chosen to work through local affiliated churches, reaching various communities across Uganda with aid. Their college, Africa Renewal University, is committed to developing a new generation of Christian leaders whose lives are transformed by rigorous study of Scripture, impassioned love for God, and faithful service to the nations as the body of Christ.


Arab World Media
Arab Nations
The Arab world is beautifully diverse and its people are generous, warm, and hospitable, but the vast majority of them do not follow Jesus. Millions of Muslims in the Arab world have yet to hear the gospel and those who’ve accepted Christ face isolation, rejection, and persecution. Arab World Media uses strategic digital media to present the truth of the gospel and engage Muslims on their journey to faith in Jesus who are seeking, open and ready. In addition, they support believers in the Arab world through personal contact and online discipleship while connecting them with other believers near to them when possible.


One For Israel
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One For Israel is a movement of native-born Jewish and Arab Israeli followers of Jesus with a commission to reach their country and the nations with the Gospel. On the forefront of high-tech media evangelism, One For Israel proclaims salvation to Israel and sees their call to equip local believers and those around the world with the tools of ministry through their unique media outreach, and train and empower local ministers in Israel through their Bible college and discipleship programs to transform communities.


Potter’s House

Potter’s House is a Christ-centered organization founded by two Guatemalans who were inspired to take action through their experiences working with the extreme poverty found in Guatemala City’s trash dump. For 30 years they have been walking alongside poor individuals, families, and communities to develop long-term relationships and community centers that they work with to build together. Unlike organizations that simply address economic or physical poverty, Potter’s House seeks to deliver five holistic development programs through their community centers: Family Development, Education, Health and Nutrition, Micro-Enterprise, and Community Development. From physical to spiritual to mental transformation, they want to empower the poor across Guatemala to make significant changes in their own lives and their communities.