Creative Access Mission Partners

Creative Access Mission Partners We have partners serving God in sensitive areas through various capacities such as evangelism, church planting, teaching, and translating. For more information about these partners, please contact our missions department. Dennis and Susan Keith and Molly Jason and Laura Hudson and Rachel Carlos Kurt and Pat Bob and Debi Rafik Paul

Darin and Staci Dunn

Darin & Staci Dunn Thailand | Director of International Communications, Videographer, and Media Producer | Helps International Ministries Darin and Staci live in Thailand with their children Milo and Poem. Their ministry is to provide technical and video support to missionary families so they are better able to effectively communicate to their churches and supporters about the work God is doing in their area of influence.

Liz and David Foerster

Liz & David Foerster Thailand Liz | Literacy Consultant & Coordinator | Wycliffe Bible Translators David | Architect | Helps Ministries Liz and David serve in Thailand where Liz works with literacy training so people can have teaching materials and learn to read the Bible in their heart languages and David works as an architect helping organizations whose vision is to reach the world with the Gospel.