Creative Access Mission Partners

Creative Access Mission Partners We have partners serving God in sensitive areas through various capacities such as evangelism, church planting, teaching, and translating. For more information about these partners, please contact our missions department. Dennis and Susan Keith and Molly Jason and Laura Hudson and Rachel Carlos Kurt and Pat Bob and Debi Rafik Paul

Peter and Irene Kasirivu

Peter & Irene Kasirivu   Uganda | President | Africa Renewal Ministries Pastor Peter is the founder of Africa Renewal Ministries in Uganda. This ministry focuses on spreading the Gospel through church planting, child sponsorship, theological education, and leadership development.  

Charles and Florence Mugisha

Charles & Florence Mugisha Rwanda | President | Africa New Life Ministries   Charles and Florence Mugisha were born to Rwandan families living as refugees in Uganda. Charles’ parents fled Rwanda after the first genocide in 1959. Life was not easy for refugees in a war-stricken Uganda under the rule of several dictators. As the war came to an end, Charles wanted to return to school. Desperate to finish his education, he began praying. Tears streamed …