Guatemala Trip

Guatemala Trip

July 8-15, 2023
HIGHSCHOOL | $200 deposit

Total trip cost: $2000

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Wayside partners with the Potter’s House Association in Guatemala City doing home construction, prayer walks, Vacation Bible School, child sponsorship, monthly financial support, as well as other areas that offer catalytic support regarding education, health, and community support.

Our vision for this trip is to continue our long-term relationship with the Potter’s House and to serve the Treasures who work and live among the Guatemala City Dump. Along with supporting the children whose parents work in the dump, we strive to get to know these children and their families personally by visiting them each year and supporting them financially and relationally. We are also committed to walking relationally with the staff of the Potter’s House and encouraging them in the great work they are doing for the Kingdom of God. As we plan the trip each year, we ask the Potter’s House where they need us to serve and let their needs dictate the work we do on the trip.

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