Weekly Devotional

Take a few moments to read the passage below, hear from Pastor Jason Uptmore, our Pastor of Missions & Single Adult Ministries, and worship our great God. We'd love to hear your takeaways - tag us on social media (@waysidechapelsa) #waysidedevotions

Psalm 39:7 | Finding Hope


“And now, Lord, for what do I wait?
My hope is in You.



  • Christian hope is rooted in the character and promises of God. Write out and list characteristics and promises of God that should give us hope. Next, spend some time in meditation and worship as you reflect on each of these characteristics and promises.
  • When someone loses hope, how does that impact their life? On the flip side, how should biblical hope change the way we live? 
  • What small steps can you take today in order to live out the hope we have in Christ?