Arizona Trip

Elementary/Middle School Camp: June 28 – July 7, 2019
High School Camp: July 6 –  July 13, 2019
$1,800 for family or $850 for individual (cost does not include $150 deposit)

The Wayside Chapel Arizona trip is a team composed of families, couples, and individuals, including youth and singles. Their focus is growing together as a church family and serving God’s purpose as a part of His outreach to the Native American peoples in northeast Arizona.  For the last 6 years the team has been partnering with El Nathan Ministries and a Navajo man who is a follower of Jesus to touch the lives of Native American children and youth.  The team not only wants their children and fellow church members to know that God has purpose in their lives as His witnesses no matter what age we are, but to be activity involved in fulfilling the Great Commission. They strive  to model this to those they serve and to one another.


For questions or to receive an application e-mail